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2014 Wedding Giveaway Winner

This has been the most epic Wedding Giveaway I’ve done yet!

A Bluetooth high five to every girl who entered and a big thank you for every single mail, comment and message.
Before I announce the winner I’d like to share a few thoughts…


You are enough. Not receiving this giveaway, nor any other disappointment can stop you from having a beautiful wedding.
The most beautiful weddings are not always the most expensive ones.
You are crafty, smart and sensible and you will figure it out.

Your wedding is just one of the most beautiful, happy days in an entire lifetime of beautiful, happy days.
Always prioritise experience and emotions over things.

Your wedding day should not be about a series of pictures.
It’s not a perfectly executed event, it’s a glorious celebration filled with family and friends and  more love than your heart can contain. Wedding Pictures are important, but don’t forget to focus on what’s really important.

And that’s to celebrate the wonderful gift of love.

So without further ado – I am delighted to announce that the winners are… Jeanne Steunenberg & Tim Terblanche

Congratulations you two!



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I'm a fashion designer turned photographer, irrevocably in love with macarons, creating content, and think champagne is always a good idea. I'm a mom to a tiny boy-human, make an Instagram worthy gluten-free breakfast, and wish it could be summer all year round.